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Why Edelmans

For 70 years, we have believed in creating a home experience you will love. Furniture is a part of how we do it. We are not a chain business. We are family owned and operated. Our passion is to help you create a living and working environment that is in harmony with you. These spaces reflect who you are, they are a part of you, and so you should love them.


Design. When creating a space to fit an individual, design is important. We work to earn the trust of great local designers. These designers are independent associates and they are not required to buy from us. Wherever your journey with these designers leads we will be there to support. Designers and their clients are always welcome at Edelman’s, regardless of if the client chooses products we sell or not.


Access to Leading Lines. Having been in the business for this long we have spent a lot of time evaluating and making decisions about what manufacturer lines to carry. We have selected the lines we do carry based solely on three factors, design, quality, and service. We look for manufacturers who align with our values. In our experience these values are your values, those of the discerning buyer. We have access to over 23 lines made in the United States and Canada – that means tens of thousands of superb selections for designers and customers.


Service. Of our three core values, service is the most important to us. We strive to provide you with an exceptional experience when you work with us. Designs will change with time. Your experience working with us should not. We hope you give us the chance to earn your loyalty. 

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