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Need some focused attention for your design and decorating project?  Edelman's Furniture is proud of our association with these exceptional designers.  For more information please contact the store for a referral.

Karen Ferro

Karen Ferro is a talented designer and Edelman’s associate, boasting more than 40 years of experience.

After securing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, her career started with a large firm in New Orleans.  Soon, Karen opened her own firm in the “Big Easy”, successfully operating in the Crescent City until moving to Longview.

Actively involved in both residential and commercial design, Karen’s most interesting conversion was turning a river barge into office space for a tug boat company! From assisting with house plan renderings, to final touches like window treatments, Karen’s vast experience covers virtually all areas of exquisite design.

Karen’s interior design abilities are bolstered by her intimate knowledge of flooring, wall coverings, paint, furniture, rugs, fabrics, custom draperies, blinds, shades, woven woods, custom headboards, custom bedspreads… the list of her talents is more than impressive. She even served as contractor on a 1900 square foot master suite addition for one of her luxury home clients.

Edelman’s Furniture is proud of our association with Karen, and we’re confident you will find her to be a delightful guide through your decorating and design project.

KJ Gleason

KJ Gleason is a creative and forward leaning designer and Edelman's associate.  KJ works with a number of different styles and is always looking to push the boundaries of design.  KJ enjoys helping his clients create a living environment that is truly enjoyable and unique to them.

KJ is actively involved in design events within the community and has been a key part of events to include, "The Art You Walk On," a unique art display of rugs.  

Edelman's Furniture is proud of our association with KJ, and we are confident you will find his skills and design acumen to be a key and enjoyable part of your design and decorating experience.

Disclaimer:  Edelman's Furniture maintains an association with these independent designers.  We do many things in an effort to facilitate and enable their work, but working with one of these designers in no way obligates you to purchase items from Edelman's Furniture.  These exception designers are truly independent and here to work for you as the customer.  We do everything we can to provide our customers with a wide range of options of the highest quality and value in order to meet your design and decorating needs.

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