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For 70 years Edelman's has sought to create value for our customers by helping you chose and incorporate superior products into your home. Edelman's selects up-to-date collections from mostly North American manufacturers.  We maintain close relationships with these vendors so that we can provide the best service to our customer family.  Enjoy just a small collection of what we have to offer here on our website.  Stop into our showroom to explore the countless possibilities made available through custom order programs.

Since 1947 Edelman's has served as Northeast Texas' unrivaled choice for those who prefer an 

elevated lifestyle and timeless design in quality home furnishings.

From their very first delivery of quality home furniture, brothers Ray & Howard Edelman built a foundation of superior customer satisfaction by offering a unique, no-hassle shopping experience.

Almost 70 years later, Edelman's continues to enlist repeat loyalty from customers who demand a higher level of comfort, premiere style and practical utility from their homes.

Ray's son Tom, leads a new generation of quality focused individuals and families through a rewarding journey of oustanding value in both interior and exterior home furnishings.

You are personally invited to join the large and growing family of customers who "come home to Edelman's."

Ray Edelman
Howard Edelman
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