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Care Instructions for Oriental Weavers Rugs

The following care instructions are copied from Oriental Weavers, USA online and consolidated here as a convenience to our customers.  Should you have any questions regarding care prior to attempting any of the following, please contact Edelman's Furniture or Oriental Weavers, USA.

Oriental Weavers rugs are manufactured to last for years to come, but as with all things, care and cleaning will prolong the life of any rug. Oriental Weavers recommend the following:

  • Regular Vacuuming. Not only keeps your rug clean, but pulls the fibers up to stand proud as the day you purchased your rug.

  • Clip Long Ends. Longer fibers may work to the surface after use or vacuuming. Never pull these ends out - clip them off even with the rug's surface in order to not cause any damage to the rug's weave.

  • Clean Spills and Spots Immediately. Never rub a spill. Always blot to prevent fraying of the yarns. Simple soap and water should remove most stains. However, be sure to test cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area to be sure the cleanser will not damage the fiber.

  • Professionally Clean Periodically. To remove deep-down dirt and grime. Always use an Oriental Weavers rug pad for added non-slip safety and cushion underfoot.

  • Rotate Rugs Periodically. Regular traffic will begin to show eventually, so be sure to rotate rugs in order to create even wear across the entire rug surface.

Copied from Oriental Weavers.

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